Halloween 2022: Green Weeper

For years, science fiction creators have imagined artificial life developing real emotions. They have also imagined artificial life becoming more decorative as it become part of daily existence. This costume combines those two ideas. A warm thank you to imaginative photographer Willie Davis and skillful stylist Catherine Leung. MATERIALS: Bought: IKEA Uppfylld colander (15x$2.90), Holiday […]

Halloween 2021: Aquamarine Beams

Imagine pouring water from one cup to another. Now, freeze it in time. This costume takes that idea, applies it to the human form, and gives it the spark of life. Deep thanks to super-creative photographer Willie Davis and super-fabulous stylist Catherine Leung. MATERIALS: Bought: IKEA Slukis shopping bags (3x$1.49), IKEA Fniss trash cans (12x$0.99), […]

Halloween 2020: Silver Delivery

I usually do my own grocery shopping. But, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I tried a delivery service with local produce. Some of it came in these silver insulated bags. As it turns out, they were also delivering the main ingredient for my Halloween costume. Add a roll of tape, scissors, some black clothes, and you […]

Halloween 2019: Red Evolution

We describe technology as augmenting human capabilities. But other creatures have been way ahead of us for millions of years: sharper hearing, a better sense of smell, protective shells and exoskeletons, weapons (claws, horns, talons), and wings. This costume expresses animal superpowers as we might design them for ourselves. Special thanks to brilliant photographer Willie […]

Halloween 2018: Gilded Guardian

This costume unites garbage and gold. Though the materials are modest (garbage cans), the decorative elements add dignity and beauty through design. I was inspired by gilding on architecture (especially towards the top) and the ceremonial qualities of Japanese samurai armor. Warmest thanks to highly (over)qualified photographer Willie Davis and my favorite stylist Catherine Leung. […]

Halloween 2017: Shining Circles

Sometimes, natural beauty emerges in technology. Silicon wafers shimmer like dragonfly wings. Bamboo bends into sustainable architecture. Intersecting circles could be ripples in water, or a way to visualize data. Harmony can be organic or constructed. Deep thanks to fearless photographer Willie Davis and sharp stylist Catherine Leung. MATERIALS: Bought: bamboo embroidery hoops (26x$1.64 average […]

Halloween 2016: Green Engineer

Why not make heroes of those who work in STEM fields? Or better yet, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, Math)? This costume lets us dress up as the action figure we never had. The overall look is inspired by protective suits for scientific research and exploration. Geometric patterns in the rope evoke suspension cables and […]

Halloween 2015: Chrome Cloud

Why wear clothes when you can wear balloons? I used the kind that are shaped like letters: one A, two H’s, and four Y’s. The costume reminds me of balloon sculptures by artist Jeff Koons, and the “stuffed” look of some runway fashion by Comme Des Garçons. Since my costumes are typically geometric, it was […]

Halloween 2014: Yellow Sovereign

I wanted to experiment with a new material that would allow for curved surfaces. The design is inspired by ceremonial clothing worn by ancient rulers and spiritual leaders. It was also influenced by the structure of leeks, and the snow-ready Stormtroopers in The Empire Strikes Back. Many thanks to expert photographer Willie Davis and talented […]

Halloween 2013: Pink Wings

To celebrate ten years of Halloween costume tradition, I designed a matching set (male and female). Both costumes use similar modular components to create different effects. They are inspired by winged armor and helmets worn by the Vikings and Marvel’s Thor character. It was also inspired by winged shoes by Jeremy Scott for Adidas and […]


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Halloween Costumes
Halloween Rules
1. Make it yourself.
This is the best way to be original. A store bought costume is better than no costume, but you can do better than that!
2. Use your whole body.
If you wear your usual clothes and throw on a mask, is that really a costume? Go from head to toe.
3. Keep it cheap.
Anybody can spend a zillion dollars on a costume and look cool. The real challenge is making it happen on a budget.
4. Don’t rely on recognition.
Do not dress as a celebrity or a movie character. Standard characters like vampires are off-limits, too.
5. Don’t rely on sex.
Don’t get me wrong – being sexy is great and all. Just don’t rely on it to make your costume work.
6. Don’t rely on horror.
Sure, blood and guts are a Halloween tradition, but don’t feel limited. Take advantage of the day you can wear anything!

Do you make Halloween costumes that follow these rules? If so, contact me.