Ken Tanabe Halloween Costume 2010
Ken Tanabe Halloween Costume 2010
Ken Tanabe Halloween Costume 2010
Ken Tanabe Halloween Costume 2010

This costume is inspired by paper lanterns and by radial symmetry in nature (like sea anemones and jellyfish). Other inspiration included the color of Japanese lacquer, Japanese ghost stories (especially those about “kasa-obake” the umbrella ghost), and the film “Dreams” (directed Akira Kurasawa). People often see my costumes as robotic, but I think of them as organic and belonging to nature.

Free of charge: 5 FedEx shipping tubes (free). Bought: two cans of Montana Gold red/orange spray paint ($15), two packs of sticky back Velcro ($9). Already owned: black turtleneck, black jeans, black Fessura shoes, black costume gloves, ruler, X-acto blades, gaffer’s tape, scissors.

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Halloween Costumes
Halloween Rules
1. Make it yourself.
This is the best way to be original. A store bought costume is better than no costume, but you can do better than that!
2. Use your whole body.
If you wear your usual clothes and throw on a mask, is that really a costume? Go from head to toe.
3. Keep it cheap.
Anybody can spend a zillion dollars on a costume and look cool. The real challenge is making it happen on a budget.
4. Don’t rely on recognition.
Do not dress as a celebrity or a movie character. Standard characters like vampires are off-limits, too.
5. Don’t rely on sex.
Don’t get me wrong – being sexy is great and all. Just don’t rely on it to make your costume work.
6. Don’t rely on horror.
Sure, blood and guts are a Halloween tradition, but don’t feel limited. Take advantage of the day you can wear anything!

Do you make Halloween costumes that follow these rules? If so, contact me.