Loving Day
Loving Day officially recognized in the Lovings’ home town

Loving Day (the global education and diversity celebration I founded) is named after Loving v. Virginia (1967), the landmark Supreme Court decision that declared all laws against interracial marriage to be unconstitutional. The plaintiffs in that case, Richard and Mildred Loving, were from Caroline County, VA. It was therefore especially meaningful when the Caroline County […]

CUNY TV: A debate-style interview about multiracial identity in popular culture and Barack Obama’s influence on racial perceptions.
USA Network: “More than just about couples…Loving Day is about community – celebrating diversity and promoting tolerance, awareness, and understanding. Now that’s our kind of history…”
Gorgeous New York: “The multi talented designer…has flexed his creative muscle throughout the design industry….As founder of lovingday.org, however, he now plays a much more pivotal role…that of educator.”

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