Forbes: “About 10 years ago, designer, organizer, educator, speaker, and startup friend Ken Tanabe decided to commemorate the court decision of Loving v. Virginia…The flagship commemoration takes place in New York City each year and attracts over 1,500 people…”
CBS 2 WFMY: “It’s the 45th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia case…And in honor of this, hundreds of people will attend celebrations across the country hosted by an organization called Loving Day.”
BBC Two: “On what its organizers call Loving Day, thousands of people in cities across America celebrate the anniversary of a verdict that legalized mixing.”
Print Magazine: Interview with Steven Heller: “The most gratifying thing about Loving Day has been seeing communities, including the multiethnic community, come together.”
ABC Boston: “Loving Day is so critically important because it gets enough people and enough attention…to explore where we are today…and what we can do in the future.”

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