Located in New York City, J&J Design is a design and innovation studio within Johnson & Johnson. Our mission: “solve problems that have an effect on billions of people” to “profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.”

My role as “Design Manager” combines leadership, design thinking, and craft. But with equal importance, I advocate and represent design within multidisciplinary teams of leaders, scientists, engineers, and other specialists. In collaboration with local and global partners, we integrate design across all of the company’s business groups in service of innovation.

Much of this work is confidential, but I can share these highlights:

  • Visualized strategic plans and reimagined organizational structures in collaboration with leadership teams.
  • Implemented human-centered design, including user interviews, facilitation, prototyping, testing, synthesis, insight generation, and visual design.
  • Worked within digital teams to envision enterprise-wide tools and consumer-facing apps.
  • Developed future avenues of brand expression, and updated/streamlined current brand guidelines.
  • Earned three “Encore Awards” for work on experience, strategic, and digital projects.
  • Selected for the “Credo Action Team,” responsible for cultivating an enriching studio environment and aligning it with the company’s forward-thinking “Credo” of people-first social responsibility.

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